Tiffany Jewellery we decided to help

Fucking (more jewellery here) Tiffany Jewellery roommates

Ok.So we decided to help my dh's friend sale martin and his girlfriend tiffany by letting them move into our spare bedroom.So we let them take care of it and after that everything was fine.We told them that they could eat some of our food.Food that would have lasted a month.It lasted a week with them there200 fucking dollars down the drain.We always buy groceries on the 15th well we had to buy groceries again on the 1st.And so we had no money for our bills.We missed 4 bills because we had to spend 300 dollars on groceries!So we told them that they could keep the money they owed us and buy there own groceries and do not eat ours.Well i went into there room because they had dishes in there which i wasn't too happy about.And one of the plates and a burrito on it.My fucking burrito.After i told them specifically to not eat our food.I went ballistic.I wrote them a note telling them that they needed to clean the pig stye of a room, they needed to turn the lights and heater off when they are not there or in the room, and the money that we let them keep needs to go for food or they had to give us that money.They want to act like discusting children i will fucking treat them like that.They make me so mad they leave our computer on after we have asked them to always turn it off when they are done.Oh and want to know what groceries they bought?6 fucking packets of ramen that was there food.Oh and they ate our big box of ramen too.Ok so we decided the first of april that we were going to move to a one bedroom and that we wanted them out.So they helped us move to the one bedroom it wasn't that far because it was in the same apartments.So after they helped us move we decided that we would buy them beer and pizza for helping us out after we ate we went to bed and trusted them in there by themselves, yea so the next day i go in there and there are puke marks in the carpet that no one bothered to clean up.The place smelled like ass.So i told them that i wanted them out by the 17th.Well then something else happened yay!So like i went over to the managers office to talk to her about a missing cutting board in the apartment and she starts first.She told me that those ppl that are staying the apartment without us just got out of there car and a piece of garbage fell out and the guy just stepped right over it didn't even pick it up!And then i guess they have been throwing there cigarette butts off of the front and back area of the apartment.They totall denied it but i know it was them because 1.They are the only ones around there that smoke.2.The manager said they were two colors brown and white butts.And the whit one had a blue ring around it like it was menthol or something.And the guy smokes marlboro and the chick smokes pall malls menthol.So that for me was the last straw i told them to get out last night.So they moved out last night right?Okso we had some stuff in the hall closet that was ours and we had the closet closed and everything.Well they took everything that was ours in the hall closet plus the brand new cleaning supplies that me and my dh just bought.I am totally beyond pissed off.I called them and told them that we wanted that shit back that it was ours.Even some of the cleaning supplies still had tags on them.If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.Please review the privacy policy and terms of use before using this site.Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the terms of use.

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