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The changing seasons inevitably mean changing styles, but you've got to be careful when shopping for fall or else updating your wardrobe could deplete your funds.Unless you had the foresight to stock up at last year's winter sales(You knew you should have sprung for that clearance sweater in june), then you're looking at full retail price for fall's new styles.Luckily, the following budgetfriendly tips from claudia chan, a fashion expert and president of the national shopping event shecky's girls night out, can help.

First, she advised, get back to basics.

"Focus on updating your accessories, especially jewelry, shoes, and sunglasses and wear them with basic black, which is back in style,"She said in an email interview. "Black is the new black! "

A common mistake is to get sucked in by trends, which can be expensive and shortlived.Classic is better, chan advised, and those pieces will last you much longer than"Things that are just a flash in the pan(Remember bedazzled clothes? ). "

Next, don't assume that every fashionable look needs to come out of a september 2008 fashion magazine.There are plenty of stilluptodate looks sitting in your closet, chan said.

"The ankle booties that came into fashion last year are still going strong.Thanks partly to lindsay lohan's new line, leggings still work, especially for casual days.Long sweaters, especially cardigans, and skinny or widelegged jeans are still good styles.Dresses are still a major trend,"She said.

"Most of your pieces from last season are still good, it's the things from two seasons ago you should Louis Vuitton Handbags reevaluate.Put lowwaisted jeans, logo'd handbags, sequined tops or dresses and kneehigh boots in storage for now. "

"Everyone has had the experience of opening a fashion magazine only to discover a style they just gave away to www.recipeweb.co.uk the salvation army,"Chan said. "Your best bet is to hold on to your highestquality clothes and accessories, as long as their style isn't too exaggerated. "

For another way to expand this season's wardrobe, dip into your summer reserves.

"One thing that's coming into question is seasonality.At new york fashion week, many women were still wearing white dresses in september, just pairing them with black tights or belted sweaters,"Chan said. "Dress for the weather, not for fashion dictates.A tank top paired with a cardigan will always be in style it's so practical. "

A necklace from friendz is Louis Vuitton Luggage shown.All of these items will be sold at the shecky's girls night out event in philadelphia set for monday, sept.22 to Wednesday, Sept.24.

When you are going to splurge, chan suggested shelling out for gladiator sandals, which can work with dresses or jeans, because when you buy them cheap, they look it.A good place to save is designer handbags, which chan said"Aren't nearly as important as they used to be.

"The public is finally reacting to the incredible rise in prices on this item. "

More fashion ideas will be at shecky's girls night out, a nationwide shopping event that is coming to philadelphia's crystal tea room sept.The event will feature upandcoming designer fashions at up to 75 percent off, the season's latest cocktail creations, complimentary spa services and shecky's famous goodie bags.It is expected to draw more than 3, 500 local people.General admission is $10;Deluxe goodie bag tickets are $25.

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