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San jose, calif.Oracle ceo larry ellison, never one to mince words, on tuesday made clear to charlie rose on"Cbs this morning"That he thinks apple's best days are http://www.buybuckeye.com/ behind it.

Calling its late cofounder and ceo Louis Vuitton Handbags Australia steve jobs"Irreplaceable,"Ellison said,"Apple won't be nearly as successful"Without him at the helm.

Yes, the world's thirdrichest man likes and respects apple ceo tim cook.But without ellison's old friend jobs around anymore to ride herd over apple's madgenius workforce, he insists.

At first glance, a request by carl icahn that apple increase its $60billion stock buyback program seems like a headscratcher.

After all, apple already has annnounced the largest stock buyback in history.How much more can investors reasonably expect?

Traditionally, companies considering a buyback have to make a critical tradeoff.Keep a large stockpile of cash on hand in case of emergencies, or distribute it to shareholders in the form of buybacks or dividends.

But it turns out that Louis Vuitton Others a handful.

Google's sergey brin puts his money where his meat is, funding the world's first testtube hamburger in a bid to change the way the world eats.Tesla's elon musk pushes space tourism as a down payment on ensuring our intergalactic salvation.And amazon's jeff bezos buys the washington post because, well, he hasn't said.

Driven by bravado, benevolence, boredom or perhaps equal measures of each, deeppocketed and increasingly young ceos in silicon valley and beyond are taking their money, power and fame.

(Reuters)Larry ellison, el locuaz presidente ejecutivo de oracle inc, dijo que su homlogo de google inc, larry page, actu"Con una maldad absoluta"Y acus a la compaa de internet de usar productos de oracle sin autorizacin.

"Consideramos que tomaron nuestras cosas, y eso estuvo mal", declar Ellison en una entrevista con Charlie Rose para el programa"Cbs this morning", emitido el martes.

Consultado sobre si pensaba que page era maligno, ellison replic: "Creo que lo que hizo fue.

Google may claim its motto is"Don't be evil,"But don't tell that to larry ellison.

The ceo of tech titan oracle launched a blistering broadside at google chief larry page on"Charlie rose"Monday, alleging that the search giant copied oracle code for its android system.

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