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Governor's road Tiffany Bracelets (more jewellery here) and tiffany falls conservation areas complete trail guide

Any hiker interested in history should definitely visit one of the three conservation areas within the dundas valley.Begin at the large dundas valley conservation area, which includes 1, 200ha(2, 964 acres), and hike towards the smaller Governor's Road and Tiffany Falls conservation areas as time permits.A visit to the dundas valley conservation area provides a unique view on the victorian era-A period when train travel was just beginning, when grand estates were fashionable, and when harriet beecher stowe wrote her antislavery novel which highlighted canada's role in the underground railway.Start at the replica victorian-Era train station trail centre, which has interpretive natural history displays, a snack bar and gift shop, and a miniature exhibit highlighting old-Fashioned station lore.From there, you'll hike along the main loop.The main loop allows you to see the ruins of an 1855 stone estate called the hermitage, a small stone gatehouse with waterfalls called the"Gatehouse cascade"And an old apple orchard.You can also take a short detour across sulphur springs road to see a sulphur spring with a fountain built in 1972 that replicates an 1850 model located on this spot.Another short detour along the headwaters trail, just south of the fountain, leads to the restored home of escaped slave enerals griffin.After hiking the main loop, add a short detour along the carolinian woodlands side trail, which is maintained by the bruce trail association(See p 53).Here, you'll see many of the interesting plants that attract all the bluebirds, butterflies and hawks in the area.This trail guide includes south of the trail centre, hamilton-Brantford rail trail, main loop, orchard side trail, sulphur creek side trail, carolinian woodlands side trail, heritage trail, tiffany falls side trail, monarch trail, headwaters Cheap Tiffany Earrings trail, homestead side trail, reforestation side trail, g.Donald side trail, clear view side trail, lookout side trail, hilltop side trail, north of the visitor centre, spring creek trail, exercise side trail, john white side trail, mccormack trail, and sawmill side trail.

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