Pandora 2014 people killed in the floods

6 million affected in Sindh due to floods

6 million affected in Sindh due to floods

Worst ever floods in pakistan history has damaged around 3.6 (free next day in-store delivery.) million people in Sindh well as over 6, 00, 000 displaced live in relief camps in the province, A top established said today.

The numbers show how the floods perished 126, 216 livestock and ripe crops dispersing on a land area of 1.555359 miles.The floods in pakistan have caused a tragic calamity with around 2, 000 Pandora 2014 people killed in the floods in a rural area.

Due to inadequate disaster management planning the position in the relief camps set up in karachi and on its outskirts has also worsened with thousands said to be deprived of basic facilities.

In another tragic incident to compound matters two women were killed in a stampede in a camp giving away free food and zakat money.

Police officials said that the two women died when regarding poor women scrambled for free food and zakat money at a camp in korangi.

The camp was set up for women impacted by the floods and to distribute flour and food.Countless women turned up at the camp in a bid to get the bags of flour and money.

About the, the situation turned chaotic following a brawl among a portion of the women.Several women fell spontaneous due to suffocation.

People were rushed to jinnah hospital, where two of them often known as malooka and shamsa, wasn't able to survive.Ultimate ramazan, over a dozen women were killed and many others wounded in a stampede which broke out in a narrow street of jodia bazaar in the city.

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